With the turn of the new year, the pressure to deliver software under the infamous “unprecedented times” has never been higher. And with an estimated 22 million job losses already credited to the pandemic and work-from-home measures in place, work productivity and software development cycles suffer. All of this while…

Application security is a set of best practices, functions, and/or features added to an organization’s software to help prevent and remediate threats from cyber attackers, data breaches, and other sources, rather than a single technology.

A company can use a number of different application security programmes, services, and devices. Firewalls…

In today’s corporate climate, security breaches are common, and reports show that these risks aren’t going away anytime soon. As a result, businesses must take precautions to protect their personal data and other sensitive information. Smaller organizations, such as small companies and nonprofits, are becoming increasingly susceptible.

Even companies with…


Kualitatem is an independent software testing and information security company in New York.

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