In recent times, we see automation testing companies and their methodologies for testing and development are gradually growing in demand. And this is among the main purposes that various testing teams are improving and enhancing agile management. And why shouldn’t they? With the plethora of benefits that agile brings, there’s little argument over why its implementation shouldn’t be more widespread.

Automation Testing Company

And it is often said that when agile development and testing is brought into question, the speed of deliverables is the only thing to focus on. As the speed of deliverables increases, the faster the overall workflow becomes in an…

Your team has just completed the development of a mobile app and is ready to launch it. You’re certain that your product meets the highest standards in terms of usability, functionality, security, and performance. Isn’t it true that testing isn’t necessary? That’s not the case. To assure the quality and security of your products, software testing is a must.

Manual and automated testing are the two types of testing available. Manual testing entails a group of people conducting tests to find any flaws, whereas automation testing relies on algorithms. …

With the turn of the new year, the pressure to deliver software under the infamous “unprecedented times” has never been higher. And with an estimated 22 million job losses already credited to the pandemic and work-from-home measures in place, work productivity and software development cycles suffer. All of this while many pen testing companies are being pincered by faster-moving competition that has made their work channels flow reliably through COVID. Collaboration is more important than ever, but it’s often easier said than done.

Pen Testing

We’re seeing a trend where management approaches centered around agile developmental standards are being brought in with…

What is API testing?

Before we get to the problem of identifying which API testing and UI testing is easier or more difficult, we need to begin by defining them. Especially the former. But it comes with a caveat. API testing can cover several different and distinct concepts and knowing which one you’re interested in is often dependent on your role in a mobile app testing company.

  • If you’re a developer: API testing basically includes testing to ensure that the API returns the required responses. Tools like Postman are commonly utilised to post API queries and inspect the responses they generate. Fake APIs can…

Application security is a set of best practices, functions, and/or features added to an organization’s software to help prevent and remediate threats from cyber attackers, data breaches, and other sources, rather than a single technology.

A company can use a number of different application security programmes, services, and devices. Firewalls, antivirus programmes, and data encryption, to mention a few examples, can all help prevent unauthorised users. A firm can develop unique application security policies for sensitive data sets if it wishes to foresee them.

Application security can occur at any stage of development, although it is more common during the…

A lucrative test automation strategy that drives productivity and output is the gateway to success-bound automation testing. A retrospective test automation strategy helps businesses achieve time to market and avoid any potential performance and usability failures.

Automation testing includes an array of testing activities that assess Application Under Test (AUT) for smoother performance under workload, security, and working according to the impulsive market trends.

Following are the vital advantages of test automation:

  • Improves test precision
  • Time and tester friendly
  • Maximum test coverage
  • Increases test case output
  • Reduces post-release maintenance expenses
  • Increases the execution speed
  • Reduces human intervention

The great news…

Testing for web applications or web-based applications is a multifaceted job. It can include many subcategories of tasks which can include testing the navigation, checking for proper TCP/IP interactions, maintaining the firewalls and any database updates/fetches.

Most automation testing companies today are well-versed in the order and way to go about testing for web apps, but it can still be a bit tricky for novice businesses to get up and running. …

When it comes to software testing, there are so many alternatives that it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed. An internal staff of software testers can be hired, but this limits skill and comes at a set cost. Another alternative is to recruit other employees to help with software testing, but this may leave gaps in other areas of work, and they may not be adequately prepared for the job. There’s also the option of not testing software at all, which, to be honest, always ends badly. Last but not least, software testing may be outsourced.

We prefer to think of…

According to the IBISWorld report, the market worth of Software Testing in the US is $4.1 Billion. It has been growing by 3.8% each year from 2014 to 2021. The market size is expected to rise by 4.9% by the end of 2021.

If you are a US-based organization, then it is better to outsource an on-shore independent software testing company. The locational proximity will remove any time zone, language, and other communication barriers.

Due to a highly competing US market, proving your business products and projects is becoming difficult. …

In today’s corporate climate, security breaches are common, and reports show that these risks aren’t going away anytime soon. As a result, businesses must take precautions to protect their personal data and other sensitive information. Smaller organizations, such as small companies and nonprofits, are becoming increasingly susceptible.

Even companies with minimal resources have cost-efficient and effective data security alternatives. Penetration testing, a form of cybersecurity vulnerability assessment, is something I suggest to my non-profit customers.

When considering how accepting online donations may create risks for both themselves and their contributors, many of my non-profit clients feel obligated to perform cybersecurity…


Kualitatem is an independent software testing and information security company in New York.

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